Closely tied with the technology component of this ITU, students will create and present their visual media projects at the end of the unit. The three options are listed below.

1. Students will create posters that explain their understanding of the processes involved in Hydraulic Fracturing, along with alternative forms of energy, and the benefits/costs of each.  The posters can be created using either traditional or electronic media.

2. The alternative project will be a short video explaining the hydraulic fracturing process, along with comparisons to other forms of energy generation.

3. Students will create a web catalog of artistic resources they have found that they believe accurately represent energy/environmental concerns.

Students will follow the attached rubric to design their projects. Points will be given for completeness and creativity. This project will be worth 10 points.*


Rubric for Hydraulic Fracturing Art Project

Number of examples provided to describe the process and science behind Hydraulic Fracturing and other means of energy production
8 pts
Students provides 2 examples/explanations
Students provides 4 distinct examples
Students provides 5 or more distinct examples
Overall quality of project
2 pts
Very little evidence of effort and thought provided
Ideas are expressed clearly and easily understood by viewers
Exceptional quality and impact. Creative method used to present information

* Five extra credit points will be awarded to the project that the class selects as the most creative, and informative. Students will vote at the project deadline. 

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