As a part of the Social Justice/Art Component section of this unit, students will be encouraged to incorporate technology into their unit art project. This can be accomplished using the methods listed below. Any additional technology incorporation is also encouraged. However, this should be cleared through Mr. Wrench or Mr. Maas prior to starting the project. The intent of this project is to allow students maximum freedom to express themselves creatively, while presenting an informative and well thought out demonstration of their knowledge on the subject of Fracking.

1. Students will create posters that explain their understanding of the processes involved in Hydraulic Fracturing, along with alternative forms of energy, and the benefits/costs of each.  The posters can be created using either traditional or electronic media.

2. The alternative project will be a short video explaining the hydraulic fracturing process, along with comparisons to other forms of energy generation.

3. Students will create a web catalog of artistic resources they have found that they believe accurately represent energy/environmental concerns.

4.  Students will share physics laboratory data via google docs.

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